Each one of us is on a journey. At times the journey seems easy and we don’t give it much thought. At other times, the journey is more difficult and the unexpected surprises seem harsh and maybe even frightening. But in each of our lives, making sure we take the journey with God makes all the difference. In the Bible, the Old Testament reveals that God’s presence was with the people through the Ark of the Covenant. We are going to do a deep dive into the Word as we return and reopen our campus, reconnect with one another, and reorient our lives so that we might truly be a people after God’s own heart. The return will be an amazing time of celebrating the presence and goodness of God.

The Celebration – The Return (Session Three)

Today we wrap up The Return series with a study entitled The Celebration. Each week in this study we have been on a quest to discover some life lessons from one of the great comeback stories in all of the Bible. Today we see how the story ends…it ends with a celebration. In our lives there are ways to celebrate that bring honor to God and as we have found out, those details matter. This is a day where we get to put the way we celebrate under the microscope and make sure we are pleasing God as The Return is complete and we turn toward a new beginning.

The Comeback – The Return (Session Two)

The Return is an important series in our lives as individuals and as a church ministry. In the aftermath of the coronavirus shut down, we are all trying to figure out how to move back into the world and find a new normal. In our first session we saw the excitement of making our way back but also saw how important it is not to try to take shortcuts. This week we look at some practical Biblical advice on what it takes to start moving forward in The Comeback!

The Return – The Return (Session One)

Welcome to The Return. This is an important series at an important time in our lives. We are living in a world where things have been greatly changed by the pandemic and we are on the brink of regathering, reemerging, and reorienting as a church ministry. So this series allows us to take a look at an important event in Biblical history and discover some life lessons for us as we return to a new normal in the world around us.