Richard, Jeff, Michael & LeeAnn (in front)

Jeff Dixon–Transformational Architect

Jeff received his Masters Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He leads the preaching and teaching  ministries for The Church @ 434. Jeff is an in-demand conference leader and speaker.  He speaks frequently on the topic of leadership and  life transformation.

Jeff also has been a featured writer for PROCLAIM, Let’s Worship and  Pastors EXTRA . These publications by Lifeway are resources for leaders and teachers around the country.  His first book, Visible, Vibrant, & Vital received excellent reviews and has been re-released. His novel, Key to the Kingdom was released in 2012 and cracked the Amazon top 100 in a variety of categories. The sequel entitled, Unlocking the Kingdom is now available.

He is passionate about the transformational journey of faith and developing leaders.

LeeAnn Stayer–Associate Minister, Education and Horizon Ministries

LeeAnn has been with The Church @ 434 since its birth in 1993.  She received her Masters Degree in Christian Education from Reformed Theological Seminary.  LeeAnn is the point person and creative force behind some of the specialized Horizon ministries that have become such a vital part of the ministry of The Church @ 434. Her leadership and gifts in these areas have helped The Church @ 434 become a vital part of the fabric of our community.

She teaches as part of our staff and leads our educational ministries, community ministries, children’s musicals and the day to day operations. She is active as a consultant with both churches and community leaders across the world in developing high impact community events.  She is an innovator and the original dreamer behind Christmas Dreams, because some children just can’t wait for Christmas.

Michael Simmonds–Associate Pastor, Worship 

Michael received his Bachelor of Science from Stetson University and has been leading in church ministry for years.  After serving in a variety of  staff positions in churches throughout Central Florida,  Michael has been with The Church @ 434 since its beginnings in 1993.  His guidance and leadership has helped to craft the style of worship that people from all over the world participate in each week.

He leads our children’s ministry during Mid-Week @ 434 known as KICKStart, our FireWire ministry, the No-Name Band and praise and worship each Sunday morning.

Michael is a talented and gifted songwriter who puts his creative touch to celebration worship. He is a specialist in adventure recreation and a recognized team builder at both the ministry and the corporate level assisting and equipping leaders and staffs to be stronger .

Richard Israel–Associate Minister, Students

Richard began his ministry at The Church @ 434 in 2007. Although he is the “new kid on the block” in his tenure as a staff member he brings a wealth of experience to the mix.

His educational journey has taken him through the University of Central Florida, Florida Southern, and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (Orlando). After serving as student minister at Downtown Baptist Church, Dover Shores Baptist Church, and Killarney Baptist Church he has brought experience, energy, and creativity to his ministry here at CCC.

Richard has a heart and passion for growing students, developing leaders, and ministering to families.  His gifts, talents, commitment, and calling secures a promising future for our students as they are better equipped to touch and change the world.