There are moments, days, and seasons of life where things just don't go as you planned. You understand that God loves you and blesses you, but in the midst of tough times, it is not always easy to hang tough. In Hang On!, we discover some very real world, real help, in real time when your world gets tough.

Beginning of the End – Hold On! (Session Six)

Our Hold On series has been all about learning to hold on to Jesus when life throws the unexpected in your direction. As we hold on to Him we find the strength we need in the midst of the struggle. Today we wrap up the series with the Beginning of the End. This study concludes are series with some realities and some reminders that hopefully will help us hold on….

Get a Grip! – Hold On! (Session Five)

In Hold On, we have been exploring the importance and the ways we stay close to Jesus in the midst of tough times, circumstances, or yes… even pandemics!

In this session, we dive into the book of Psalms to find a psalm that reminds us of a series of things that we need to keep a grip on as we discover what God has in store for each of us.

Don’t Forget to Worship – Hold On! (Session Four)

Holding on to Him has been the theme of this series. Once again, in this session, we cover a topic that might seem at first glance, like common sense… yet… when the pressure is on, when trouble comes, or when the world unravels – we very easily forget the importance of doing this one thing. The one thing is – worship. So get ready to move through a passage of Scripture that gives us some things that when we remember them… drive us into worshiping the One who keeps us secure.

3-D Dinner – Hold On! (Session Three)

Our HOLD ON series continues with a very special time of Worship. This worship experience is built around the Lord’s Supper. That dinner conversation, between Jesus and His disciples, gives us some powerful reminders of how much we are loved, what that love means, and how it changes us. We will get a chance to go to the table and experience it in 3-D and when we are done, we walk away with hope for the future that we can hold on to.

NOTE: You can participate in the Lord’s Supper on-line. Take a few moments and put together the elements you need. Pastor Jeff will let you know what to do with them at the right time.

Tin of Mints – Hold On! (Session Two)

There are days when the best we can do is just HOLD ON – so it is with that in mind that we explore the topics in this series. One of the worst things we face when life is not going the way we hoped it would, is discouragement. If you are not careful, discouragement will tank you and blind your ability to move beyond the moment you are trapped in. This session, entitled Tin of Mints, helps you to see discouragement for what it really is and offers some real world, real life, real ways to deal with it.

Good Golly Growth – Hold On! (Session One)

This is the first of a series of studies in a new series called – Hold On! Today we discover that problems, even though we don’t like them, can be a good thing for us. They can cause us to grow.
Hang on! Here we go…