It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. It is packed with moments and memories that change our life forever. These stories of Christmas become part of our story in life. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this year, we take some time and consider the life changing stories of Christmas.

Seizing Tomorrow Today – Gotta Go… (Session Twelve)

The Gotta Go series has been all about moving forward in our adventure of faith. In this conclusion to the series we are reminded again of the “WHAT’S NEXT” in our lives and we can move from where we are today into where God wants us to be tomorrow.

Gotta Go with the God Plan – Gotta Go… (Session Eleven)

By this point in our Gotta Go series you see the importance of moving forward and tackling the life that God has placed in front of you. As we have started to wind up the series we have been looking at some common church topics, Bible study and Prayer. In this study we dive once again into our ongoing conversation with the Creator with a look at the importance of His plan and how it works in practical ways in your life.

The Art of the Prayer – Gotta Go… (Session Ten)

We are in a series where the emphasis is learning to move forward in your journey of faith. Our goal is to emerge in the future that God has for us with a vision, passion, and purpose for becoming the best version of ourselves, which is of course the person God created us to be. It will not surprise you that for this to happen in your life you are going to have to consult with the Creator. The need to connect to God is essential for all of the things we are talking about to become a reality in your life. So today, we take an honest heartfelt look at ‘the art of the prayer.” Knowing how to pray more effectively is good advice for all of us…so get ready to deepen that walk of prayer today.

The ATG Degree – Gotta Go… (Session Nine)

When we make the choice to move forward in our journey of faith we discover a freedom and joy that we have never known before. But as we grow deeper in and closer to Jesus, there is something else that happens, we begin to change. Yes, we really do change. The process is called transformation but God gives to us His degree or His stamp of approval to start living as we take Him at His Word.

Pick a Side (Just Not the Ugly Side) – Gotta Go… (Session Eight)

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to us becoming all that God wants us to be is ourselves. We have already looked at how our attitude impacts our ability to move forward in faith, but there are just times that things get a little bit nutty. How do you control those moments when the negative thoughts and the negative words are threatening to take over in your life? Believe it or not, some help can be found in a passage of Scripture that we usually don’t slow down long enough to dig into, today we dig!

Living Positively Optimistic – Gotta Go… (Session Seven)

Here we are in a series trying to live forward and move into the future that God has for us. Today, we explore one of the biggest barriers to our being the best version of ourselves.
What is that barrier? Our attitude! Are we suggesting that our attitudes can be problematic? Positively!
This is an frank, fresh, and fulfilling reminder about the positive, hopeful, joyful optimism that is totally Biblical and can only be found in Christ alone. However, when we make the choice to follow Him, we have a life that is built on the truth, and the promises of God. That kind of life gives us the freedom to live positively optimistic.

If You’re Not Dead – You’re Not Done – Gotta Go… (Session Six)

Who wouldn’t want to live a life with purpose and passion? It sounds great, but as we have discovered in the “Gotta Go” series that as badly as people want to have a life worth living, too often we settle for less because we just aren’t willing to do what we need to do to make it work. Once again, we discover that God has a plan for our lives and if want to live it, we can…it is never too late. But to get moving we have to be willing to do what He tells us to do.

The Journey to Why – Gotta Go… (Session Five)

In Our Gotta Go series we are being challenged with becoming the best version of ourselves and moving forward with a vision for our life that comes from God. We have already discovered that God takes us outside our comfort zone and we have to be willing to risk. But if we are ever going to “wholly follow” Jesus there is something that we all have to wrestle with before we will ever be successful… we must wrestle with the “why?” One of the reasons that many stall out in their journey is because they don’t ever really discover what it takes to know the answer to “why?” – This study might just challenge you in ways you have never thought of before – let’s take The Journey to the Why together

Holy Wholly – Gotta Go… (Session Four)

Risk taking is an essential ingredient in stepping into the life that God has for you. In our Gotta Go series we are challenging ourselves with the truth we find in God’s Word on how to move forward in our journey of faith. Last week we looked specifically at some traps that we need to avoid that always trip us up when we get serious for Jesus. Today we look at some things that we have to make a priority in our world if we are ever going to get to the places and do the things that God has in store for us on our adventure of faith.

Avoid the Trap – Gotta Go… (Session Three)

This “Gotta Go” series is all about embracing and living the vision that God has for us as we move toward the future. If we desire to move forward then we have to be prepared to take some faith based risks. This is never easy and far too often we live in a world that would tell us to “play it safe.” Here are some traps to avoid so that you might learn how to take God shaped risks and discover that life that God has for you.