Exodus 17:1-7 | God meeting needs | Moses
In our series called "Rocks" we have discovered some amazing life lessons that God teaches us through rocks in the Bible. Today we explore a fascinating story of how God responds to our needs and why how we approach Him matters more than we realize. It is a powerful reminder that "God Rocks!"... Let's celebrate together today.

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  1. Between a Rock and a Hard Place (v. 1)
  2. Reacting with Rocks in the Head (v. 2-3)
  3. Rock Solid Reaction (v. 4)
  4. Rock that Gives Life (v. 5-6)

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God Rocks! – Rocks (Session Four)

by Church @ 434 | Worship Audio

God Rocks! – Rocks (Session Four)

by Church @ 434 | Sermon Audio

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