In our world, everything around us – art, technology, science, industry is dusted with stories of genius. Geniuses violate the status quo, destabilize conventional thinking, and disrupt history by making us see the world differently. Jesus steps into time and space and violates the status quo, destabilized conventional thinking, and disrupted history forcing us to see the world differently. Jesus changed the possibilities of what it means to be human. If you want your life to move from the mundane to the miraculous, then perhaps it is time to allow the Genius of Jesus to live in you

Can You Handle the Truth? – Genius (Session Five)

Our genius series today concludes. Along the way we have learned that the genius of Jesus is amazingly transferable. Each of us can tap into the genius that we were created with. Our study has taken us through how we think, how we live our lives, how to discover power, and how to live with goodness – all of these built upon the Genius of Jesus. In our final installment we are forced to answer the question – can we handle the truth? To get there, we look at the most famous conversation about truth that ever took place and we discover – the Genius of Truth

A Very Good Situation – Genius (Session Four)

We are exploring how we ignite our minds and hearts as we step into being the genius we were created to be. In this session we find out that Jesus does not simply teach us to see the difference between good and evil – but Jesus teaches us to choose between the right and the good – and that is genius!

With Great Power Comes a Huge Electric Bill – Genius (Session Three)

Genius is the name of the series. We have seen the way a genius thinks and we have seen some specific areas that genius must work in. Now, we discover that Jesus – as only a genius could – saw power as no one had ever imagined it…He reminded us with power comes great responsibility. If we are going to become like Him and allow His genius to be unleashed in us, then we have to understand as He explains the genius of power (and the cost)- today we will see how much power a genius can have.

Using the Whole Box of Crayons – Genius (Session Two)

The series is called Genius and we are daring to ask the question “is there a genius waiting in each of us to be untapped?” It was Albert Einstein who once said, “You have to color outside the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece” – now we all know Al was a pretty smart guy. But in our opening session we found out who the greatest genius ever really was…and today… we will take the next step forward in seeing how lives can become better and brighter is we are willing to embrace who God has created us to be!

Heavenly Inspiration and Human Perspiration – Genius (Session One)

Way to go Genius! Has anyone ever said that to you? They probably didn’t mean it as a compliment, but perhaps in hindsight they should have. If you have ever felt that there was within you untapped potential, latent talent, and even hidden genius somewhere inside of you – this is your day, your study, and your series! This is the first in a series where we will begin to explore a topic that is not usually talked about in church circles – we will study the genius of Jesus and attempt to unlock the genius within each of us, Get ready – it will be fun