Dialing Up Destiny is your invitation to adventure this Summer! This series, with a clear cut Indiana Jones type of theme, invites you to tackle your faith with a sense of discovery, wonderment, and exploration. This is an aggressive series that enables you to choose to take your faith to a new depth. So get ready – your destiny awaits – dial it up and live the adventure.

The Best Place to Be – Dialing Up Destiny (Session Seven)

Our summer adventure series comes to a close but the real adventure is just beginning.

We have explored together the destiny that God has for us and how that really is the only destiny worth living.

Last week, we started the wrap up by discovering that we were meant to be here and today we find ourselves in the best place to be.

The adventure continues….

You’re Meant to be Here – Dialing Up Destiny (Session Six)

There is a reflective, yet powerful quote from the latest Indiana Jones film. It says, “I miss the desert. I miss the sea. And I miss waking up every morning, wondering what wonderful adventure the new day will bring to us.” There is something about knowing each day there is a purpose for you, a place for you, and something for you to do with passion. As you discover your destiny, you find it. Today our study reminds us the value of knowing that “you’re meant to be here” and how that makes all the difference.

Destiny Directions – Dialing Up Destiny (Session Five)

Our current series is all about discovering our destiny. As individuals and as a ministry – Today we pause just a little bit and share some essentials for finding direction in your life. Think of these as Destiny Directions. Each one builds on something that we have already shared in this series, so this is a good study to reorient, review, and remember as we take the adventure of a lifetime!

Zero to Hero – Dialing Up Destiny (Session Four)

We each have a destiny that awaits us… it is the one that God has created for us. This summer we have been exploring how to dial up that destiny and become the person we were created to be. The discoveries have been full of adventure and excitement and today is no exception. If we are willing to embrace the call of God in our lives, then we can go from zero to hero in no time flat – just like that… but for that to happen, we have to be honest with ourselves about the odds and how we face them.

Whippersnappers Meet the Miracle Whip – Dialing Up Destiny (Session Three)

In Dialing Up Destiny we are discovering that faith really is an adventure. However, the adventure doesn’t really happen until we choose to live with the boldness that Jesus instills in each one of us. This study reminds us of how important it is to have a passion for this adventure and more importantly – how do we tap into the passion. So get ready – the journey continues with even more action today!

The Adventure Crusade – Dialing Up Destiny (Session Two)

The call of God is a call to live a life that is bigger than you are… it is to live the life He created you to live.

Our series about dialing up our destiny began with a prayer – a prayer to be BOLD. Once you are willing to live and love with a holy boldness, then and only then are you ready to step into the amazing adventure Jesus has for you… today…we explore that adventure!

Fasten Your Seat Belt – There Might Be Some Turbulence – Dialing Up Destiny (Session One)

One of the classic Indiana Jones lines offered up in the latest installment of the film series – Dial of Destiny – features the title of this Bible Study.

Fasten Your Seat Belt – There Might Be Some Turbulence

Today in Celebration Worship we are reminded that if we want to live the life that God has for us, then we need to fasten our seat belts and get ready. It will not always be smooth but it always worth it…today we think about how to unleash a holy boldness in our lives.