Phenomenal Series

Phenomenal Series

The Gospels record 34 distinct miracles while there were countless more that were not recorded in the written words of scripture. John’s Gospel puts seven miracles that unveil seven unique dimensions of Jesus’ miraculous power. The seven miracles are seven signs. Each of the seven signs points to Jesus. Make no mistake, He is the only One who could perform these miracles then and He is the only One who can do them today.

Everyone wants a miracle – but no one wants to be in a situation that needs one!

The prerequisite for a miracle is a problem. The bigger the problem, the greater potential miracle. But here is what we have to remember, what we perceive as a problem is nothing more than an opportunity for God to reveal His glory.
It is easy to allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the world around us, but when we see and know Jesus, we can move beyond living overwhelmed to living as an overcomer!

Get ready to take an adventure into the book of John and see seven signs in the series – Phenomenal. A series where we see with fresh eyes some truth our hearts need to hear – Jesus really does make our impossible possible!

The Unforgettables Series

The Unforgettables Series

Embark on a captivating journey through the pages of history and Scripture as we uncover the remarkable yet often overlooked heroes of the Bible.

In this compelling series we shine light on very people whose courage, faith, and resilience helped to shape the course of history in ancient times and changed the direction of history today.

In The Unforgettables you will meet people that you haven’t forgotten, you just haven’t heard of – yet. But once you do, they are forever unforgettable!

UN Series!

UN Series!

Live – UN

Get ready for some fun!

We all need to have fun from time to time.

If you want to have some fun – and I mean, really have some fun … then the key is in the UN.

Say what?

We need to start living UN.

The call of Jesus is to follow Him. We are called to obedience, called to use our gifts, called to live in community, and called to touch and change the world…

Yet… we often don’t ever get around to doing any of that because we are always upset, angry, fearful, indignant, resentful or offended by someone, something, or some…well, you get it and can fill in the gaps here.

It is time to realize that the solution to that struggle is in understanding the call of Christ is a call to live – UN

Unconquered – uncompromised – undivided – unbreakable – unoffendable – unashamed – and the result is that with Jesus we are unstoppable.

I will live UN with Jesus and together we will be unstoppable!

Christmas Toys Series!

Christmas Toys Series!

The expectations, the anticipation, the lists, the wishes, the décor, the giftwrap, the lights, the music, and of course…. The toys are all a part of the Christmas celebration. Each of them create an almost magical season of the year that points to one place – a stable in Bethlehem. So get ready for a fun filled, nostalgic, and essential things to remember as we celebrate Christmas once again.