The Bigness of Grace! No mistake is so great, no bitterness so deep that the grace of God cannot change the heart. But let’s get real – we sing about amazing grace but we really don’t understand it. This series realizes that while it is difficult to explain God’s grace, we find that only real way to understand it is to experience it. Grace is bigger and better than we ever imagined.

Crazy Grace for Crazy Times – Bigger & Better (Session Five)

Grace is Bigger & Better than anything we can imagine. Our series of studies has unpacked that. But let’s be honest – there are just some moments that we don’t get it. We mess up, we even want to mess up, because… well… we get angry, hurt, and frustrated and it just makes us crazy. Today we discover some crazy grace of our craziest times and are reminded again that grace really is bigger and better than we think it is – but because it is, everything is different.

Grace for the Ouchies – Bigger & Better (Session Four)

Bigger & Better is a series where we are attempting to explore and experience the grace of God. In our celebration worship experience this morning, we discover that His grace is bigger than our hurts… and not only must we accept that, but we must share it with others.

Amazing Messy Grace – Bigger and Better (Session Three)

Bigger & Better has been bringing us face to face with the incredible grace of God. There are some who have convinced themselves that they are not worthy of forgiveness and grace… and while we have all done some pretty rough stuff, there is something about grace that we must remember. If we don’t – we will miss the amazing messy grace of God at work in our lives. Together this morning, let’s take a look at the mess and what God does with it.

Living in a Great Grace Place – Bigger & Better (Session One)

Today we begin a new series and the new study gives you a chance to look at your life. It is a series loaded with good news. No sin is so great and no bitterness so deep that God’s grace can’t transform the heart and rewrite the story. But the truth is, grace is so hard for us to understand. It doesn’t make sense (it does not) – It is not fair (thank heavens) – and it can’t possibly cover what I’ve done (ah-but it can, it really can). Get ready to make the choice to live in the best place of all – a great grace place!