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Deep Thoughts (s1e6) – What do you binge?

In this episode, we at things that we binge and maybe some things that we should binge.

Wisdom From the Hen Den (s1e11) – Eggsplorer

In this episode, we look at not limiting yourself by trying something new and going exploring.

We Didn’t Start the Fire (S1E2) – Piano Man

In this episode, we look at the backstory of the song, which is based on real people Billy Joel worked with at the Executive room. We look at how God takes us to various places and intersects with a variety of people and how we impact their lives.

The Origin of the Dream of Freedom (S1E4) – Tug-o-war

In this episode, we look at how Thomas Prince prayed that God would protect America from the French army and how God responded.

On the Horizon – Bonus Episode

In this episode, Jeff interviews LeeAnn and Brittany.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s5e3) – Biblical Names

In this episode, we look at how those that are closest to you have the ability to disappoint us and how we handle that disappointment.

We Didn’t Start the Fire (S1E1) – The Prophet Joel

In this new series, we look at the life and songs of Billy Joel and learn some life lessons. We start with the song with the same name as this series and how it came to be and how we should respond to the consuming fire that comes from history.

Ring of Fire – Fire (Session One)

It has all the makings of an Old Testament video game –FIRE !

There is a weapon that protects, some daring heroes that attempt to rescue and save, and there is a horrific firestorm that destroys everything and nearly every one.

The problem is, this is not a game. It is a real story blazing in the pages of Scripture that has some powerful life lessons for each of us, the world we live in, and how we live in the world around us.

It may get heated – but there is much for us to discover in The Ring of Fire

Stranger Things Thoughts (S1E8) – The Franchise

In this episode, we look at how the show connects in a multigenerational way and how that correlates to how we live our lives and what it means to be family.

Wisdom From the Hen Den (s1e10) – Chicken Survey

In this episode, we look at how we deal with moments we dread in life.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s5e2) – Rejoice in the Lord

In this episode, we look at how to find joy in the God of your salvation, even when He feels distant or absent.

On the Horizon (S1E14) – Gretchen Simmonds

In this episode, our special guest this episode is Gretchen Simmonds.

Stranger Things Thoughts (S1E7) – Ties to Your Past

In this episode, we look tapping into emotion and setting the tone for your interactions with others.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s5e1) – Greater Satisfaction

In this episode, we look at how exciting it is when you work for the Lord and are having eternal impact.

Phenomenal Lanes of Funk and Faith – Driving You Crazy (Session Five)

The Bible is full of examples of people who ran full speed away from God and smacked right into crazy before realizing there’s a way out.

And as we study the depression Elijah experienced, we discover that his behavior was only temporary. It happened when he got in the wrong lanes.

But there is hope. When he encountered God, he found out exactly what it takes to crawl away from crazy and stay on the Speedway of Sanity.

On the Horizon (S1E13) – Lisa Wright

In this episode, our special guest is Lisa Wright.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s4e39) – Fatigue

In this episode, we look at how it is important to get your rest, but not to use it as an excuse to be lazy.

Wisdom From the Hen Den (s1e9) – Chicken Legs

In this episode, we look at how we shouldn’t spend time on things we can’t change but focus on things we can.

On the Horizon (S1E12) – Tom Pylant

In this episode, our special guest is Tom Pylant.

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s4e38) – Alone or Lonely

In this episode, we look at the difference of being alone and being lonely and how we are never alone, if we have a relationship with Jesus.

On the Road (s1e9) – Biblical Golf Course – The Holes

In this final episode of On the Road, Jeff shows us some of the holes on the Bible Golf Course.

We All Need a Baal-Out – Driving You Crazy (Session Four)

We make decisions every day. Sometimes, though, we waiver between two sides hoping to be on the right side when the time comes to act. But if we aren’t careful, that indecision can get us into some serious trouble. It leaves us in a world of craziness.

In this session we find an Old Testament prophet who made a decision and stood firm, even though it seemed crazy in the face of massive opposition.

Sometimes we need help… how do we find it? Where does it come from? This is the clash between the good kind of crazy and the bad kind of cra-cra-crazy.

CORE Stuff – 2022 (S3E17) – The CFG (Session Three)

The Crazy Follower Gospel (CFG) – Session Three

We Need A Little Christmas (S1E34) – Yule Log

In this episode, LeeAnn tells us about the history of the Yule Log and how it kicks off the Winter Solstice.

On the Road (s1e8) – Biblical Golf Course

In this episode, we look at how tragedies can turn into miracles and this stop is the perfect example of that.

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Recent Worship Service Series

Fire Series

Fire Series

Some strange things have dropped from the sky.

When something leaves orbit and comes crashing to the planet, people tend to notice.

Through the history of Scripture, we can travel back in time and notice some things that have come from the sky.

These are not man-made objects but instead – supernatural events.

The most amazing may be heaven sent FIRE.

Seven different times we find fire coming out of Heaven and always for a reason…

In this FIRE we find something that we need to learn that keep us on Fire for the Father…

Get ready to experience – FIRE

Driving You Crazy Series

Driving You Crazy Series

If you have ever looked at the world around you and thought – It is Crazy out there…then you are not alone.

But have you ever wondered in a world of craziness – how do you manage to keep on the Speedway of Sanity????

This series looks in a fun sort of way at a serious topic with the intent – to make sure that you are able to navigate the crazy world we live in…

Plot Twist Series

Plot Twist Series

Didn’t see THAT coming.

We kick off a new series today called “Plot Twist” where we jump into what are some familiar stories about Jesus. However, this look at familiar stories is one where we are paying extra attention to the sudden plots twists that happen.

Believe it or not, when the plot twists in each of these stories there is something important for us to learn. Even better than that, each lesson drives us forward into the calling that God has for each of us in our lives. Today we begin with an unexpected series of events that we not so random….

Jurassic Ark Series

Jurassic Ark Series

We on an amazing planet that God has created. This planet is loaded with mystery and discovery. Imagine what it might have been like to live in an era where human beings lived alongside some of the most massive, frightening, and mysterious creatures ever created. This is not science fiction, this is actually a look at some amazing creatures that have been lost in the years with the passing of time. But these creatures can teach us much about their Creator, the times they thrived within, and some things we can learn from them.

Recent Sonrise & CORE Studies

The CFG (Crazy Follower Gospel) CORE Series

The CFG (Crazy Follower Gospel) CORE Series

There is nothing more thrilling in life than allowing Jesus to make us crazy dangerous followers…. He did not die for your safety, He died for your sanity…and the only way to find it is to go all in, make it all or nothing, it is now or never…. and your live will suddenly become sane and crazy dangerous….

Ghost Tours CORE Series

Ghost Tours CORE Series

It is amazing how many times the Bible makes reference to a concept called “walking in the Spirit”
If you think about it, it must be important if the idea shows up over and over again…but how do you do it? What does that look like?
In a supplemental study to our worship series called “Ghost Stories” you are invited to join us for “Ghost Tours”
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is familiar to all of us, so taking a walk with The Holy Ghost or a Ghost Tour is what we are exploring.

Under God or Over God CORE Series

Under God or Over God CORE Series

In the pages of history, in the early days of the twentieth century, Germany did not look like a country on the brink of world shattering horror. Truth be told, and truth is so important… it looked like America today.
This series “Under God – Over God” takes a look at history and encourages us not to make the mistakes of days gone by but instead following God, Who always has a plan.
The choice is ours, will we as a people choose to live Under God or instead decide that the culture knows better and simply declare we are Over God?
Over the 4 week series we will discover 7 big concepts that we can prayerfully and hopefully engage as we live through this era in history where our faith really counts.

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