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The Clash (s1e2) – The Worry Episode

Welcome to “The Clash,” where real life meets a true Christian worldview! In this episode, Chris and Jeff delve into the topic of worry, discussing why we worry and practical ways to overcome it from a Christian perspective. Tune in for thought-provoking insights and engaging discussions that aim to make your life better and more faithful.
You can catch The Clash on Abundant TV on Monday nights at 7:30pm ET
#ChristianWorldview #ChrisWhaley #JeffDixon #FaithAndLife #OvercomingWorry #ChristianWisdom

Oh Heavens (s1e22) – The Countless Hosts: Exploring the Multitude of Angels in Heaven

In this episode of “Oh Heavens,” we delve into the fascinating question of how many angels exist. Scripture tells us they are innumerable, but what does that mean? Join us as we explore biblical references and the immense, awe-inspiring numbers that describe these heavenly beings. Discover why the answer isn’t just a number but a profound testament to God’s creation.
#Angels #BiblicalInsights #HeavenlyHosts #FaithJourney #ScriptureExploration

The Revelation (s1e41) – Last Chance

Welcome to our exploration of the Book of Revelation! In this episode, we delve into Revelation 14:6-10, where three angels announce pivotal events during the tribulation. Discover the messages these angels bring, the choices they present, and the enduring hope and mercy offered by God, even in the darkest times. Join us as we unravel the big ideas and significance of these prophetic declarations.
#BookOfRevelation #Prophecy #EndTimes #Angels #Tribulation #GodsMercy

One Ugly Duckling – Ducks in a Row (Session One)

There are moments in life that most of us have felt like, acted like, or thought like quacking, waddling ducks.
We noisily wobble off in every direction, thinking we know the best path to find the pond.
Sadly, when left on our own, we make an ugly mess out of our lives.
Today we can take the first step toward getting our ducks in a row and discovering that we were created to be more than one ugly duckling.
So, what about it? Are you ready to start getting your ducks in a row?

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s7e6) – The Divine Details: Finding Gratitude in Every Moment

Welcome to The Carpenter Shop! Today, we explore the impact of details, especially in the context of God’s Word. While the phrase “the devil is in the details” warns us about potential pitfalls, we’ll discover the theological truth that “God is in the details.” Join us as we delve into the significance of giving thanks “in everything” as Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, and how this perspective transforms our experiences, even amidst life’s storms. Let’s cultivate a heart of gratitude together.
#Gratitude #BibleStudy #Faith #GodsWord #Thankfulness #SpiritualGrowth

Oh Heavens (s1e21) – Where Do Angels Reside?

Join us in this thought-provoking episode of “Oh Heavens” as we delve into the celestial question: “Where do angels reside?” Discover the profound truth about the heavenly abode of angels, their divine purpose, and their role as God’s messengers. Let’s explore the mysteries of heaven and understand the angelic presence that surrounds us. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion that brings scripture to life and reveals the true dwelling place of angels.
#HeavenlyQuestions #Angels #DivineMessengers #HeavenlyAbode #Christianity #ScriptureExploration

We Are At War (s1e26) – Living by Truth: The Armor Against Deception

Welcome back to “We Are At War.” In today’s episode, we delve into the significance of living a life of truthfulness. Are you feeling the spiritual battles around you? Do you anchor yourself in the truth of God’s Word? Join us as we explore how the girdle of truth empowers us to walk with integrity and sincerity in a world full of deception. Discover the transformative power of truth and its essential role in our spiritual warfare.
#SpiritualWarfare #Truthfulness #GirdleOfTruth #ArmorOfGod #LivingByTruth #Integrity

The Clash (s1e1) – The Choices Episode

Welcome to The Clash, where real-world issues meet a true Christian worldview. Join Chris Whaley, former pro wrestler turned pastor, and Jeff Dixon, bestselling author and pastor, as they navigate life’s toughest choices with wisdom and faith. Featuring special guest Marc Mero, former WWE star and founder of Champion of Choices, this episode delves into the power of decisions and the hope found in redemption.
You can catch The Clash on Abundant TV on Monday nights at 7:30pm ET
#TheClash #ChristianWorldview #ChrisWhaley #JeffDixon #MarcMero #Choices #WrestlingToMinistry #ChampionOfChoices

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s7e5) – The Widow’s Mite: True Generosity Unveiled

Join us in the Carpenter Shop as we explore the profound lesson of the poor widow’s offering in Mark 12:43-44. Discover why Jesus commended her humble gift over the wealthy’s lavish donations and what this means for our own lives. Learn how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and make a real impact with the resources God has given you.
#WidowsMite #Generosity #BiblicalLessons #FaithInAction #ChristianGrowth #AttitudeOfGratitude

Oh Heavens (s1e20) – Unveiling the Mystery of Angels

Join us in this installment of the “Oh Heavens” series as we delve into the fascinating world of angels. Why should we study angels? What can they teach us about God and the heavenly realm? Discover the awe-inspiring truth and mystery of angels as revealed in Scripture, and gain a deeper understanding of God’s majesty.
#Angels #HeavenlyMysteries #SpiritualJourney #MysteriesOfAngels

The Grave Robber – Phenomenal (Session Eight)

The thrilling conclusion to The Phenomenal series features a story about a funeral that takes the ultimate plot twist! In one of the most dramatic stories in all of the Bible, Jesus steps into the scene loaded with emotion and reminds us that even grave clothes can’t stop someone from joining in the dance of life! The Grave Robber arrives and goes to work!

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s7e4) – How to Hallow: Setting Apart What Matters Most

Welcome to The Carpenter Shop! Join Jeff Dixon as he delves into the profound concept of “hallowing.” Discover how setting aside time, talent, and treasure for God can transform your spiritual journey. Learn the significance of making things holy and how it aligns with Jesus’ teachings and the Ten Commandments. Let’s explore how to honor God’s name and live a life set apart for His purpose.
#HowToHallow #SpiritualGrowth #HolyLife #SetApart #ChristianLiving #HallowedBeThyName

Mosquito Bites and Mystery: Florida’s Unknown History (s1e2) – The Coke Millionaires

Dive into another captivating episode of “Mosquito Bites and Mysteries” as we uncover the hidden history of Florida’s “Coca-Cola Millionaires.” Discover how a simple taste test turned a small town’s farmers into millionaires, and learn about the power of wise decisions and their lasting impacts. This fascinating tale of Mark Monroe and the Quincy Coca-Cola investors is sure to inspire!
#FloridaHistory #CocaCola #Millionaires #HiddenHistory #InspirationalStories #AmericanDream

We Are At War (s1e25) – Unmasking Deception: The Power of the Girdle of Truth

In this episode of “We Are At War,” we delve into the girdle of truth and its vital role in spiritual warfare. Learn how to discern Satan’s subtle deceptions by grounding yourself in God’s Word. Through relatable analogies and scripture, we explore the importance of truth and how to apply it in our polarized world. Join us to uncover the subtle lies and stand firm in the truth.
#SpiritualWarfare #GirdleOfTruth #DiscerningTruth #BiblicalTeachings #FaithJourney #ArmorOfGod

A Walk Through the Carpenter’s Shop (s7e3) – The World’s Smallest Book with the Biggest Prayer

Discover the fascinating story of the world’s tiniest book containing the Lord’s Prayer, and explore the profound significance of this prayer in our daily lives. Join us in The Carpenter Shop as we delve into the holiness of God’s name and the transformative power of surrendering to His will.
#LordsPrayer #FaithJourney #GodsHoliness #TinyBookBigPrayer #SpiritualGrowth

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